Saturday 9 February 2013

King & Queen of the Universe 2012

Competition:  Queen and King of the Universe

Venue:             ACPP Hall, Pretoria

Date:                9 February 2013 

This was a very big competition for me.  This is a big pageant and will help me prepare for the Miss Petite SA in April 2013.  I entered this competition to learn and gain some experience.  
There are 3 divisions today:  Smart Casual Wear, Evening Wear and Movie themed Outfit.  We had to prepare an introduction for the interview division.  We had to wear a costume based on a favourite movie character.  I chose Thumbelina, I like fairies and Thumbelina always helps her friends.
It was such a long day, we arrived at 7am and only left at 8pm.  After registration, we had an orientation session so that we know what was happening.  The first session was the Smart Casual wear.  

We had a break and off again to change into our evening gowns.  The dresses were amazing!  After our ramp walk, we had an “inspection” from the judges’ panel.  This was a first for me!  The judges look at our nails, toes, shoes, dresses and even the condition of our hair. 

Lunch time … mom took me for lunch and I also played with my friend Saskia.  She was dressed as Tinkerbell.  After lunch we had to go change into our movie costumes.  We had to walk the ramp and then go for the interview rounds with the panel of judges.
After the interviews we had dress rehearsals for the gala event.  This was fun!  The awards ceremony started at 6pm and we performed for all the parents and visitors.  Then, off again to change back into our evening wear for the crowning.

I was a finalist and made 4th place.  I’m so happy and my whole family is so proud of me.  I enjoyed this competition and had loads of fun.  It is also hard work and I went to bed as soon as I got home.

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