Sunday 15 December 2013

Award:                 Junior Model of the Year 2013
Venue:                 Milan Models, Benoni
Date:                     14 December 2013

Today was the last modelling class for the year.  I got a HUGE surprise at class today!

Vaugh, Principal of Milan Models, announced that I was the Junior Model of the Year 2013 for Milan Models.  Wow, that was so amazing.

Thank you for believing in me and awarding me with this title.  I promise to keep doing my best.

Sunday 27 October 2013

Competition:     Battle of the Models 2013
Venue:                La Louise, Akasia, Pretoria
Date:                   27 October 2013

Day 1:  27 October 2013

I’m going to support my modelling school, Milan Models, at this event today.  I’m a bit nervous because I will be walking in the 10-13yr category.
I’m just going to have fun and enjoy the day with my family.  So happy because my big brother, Brandon also came along to watch me.  Yay!
The dress code was evening wear so I chose my favourite pink and white dress.  I was the smallest in my category but it didn’t matter, I had so much fun.

I was so surprised when they called my name as 2nd Princess!  

After the competition, Mom took us all to Stone Cradle for dinner to celebrate of course.

Sunday 15 September 2013

Competition:     Miss  Queen of the Universe
Venue:                ACPP Hall, Pretoria
Date:                   14 & 15 September 2013

Day 1:  14 September 2013
This was my last competition before my 10th birthday, on the 26th of September.  Tomorrow would have been my Uncle Wynand’s birthday, but he passed away 3 years ago.   I miss him so much and that it why I wanted to enter this competition and I know he will be watching me.

Today is Smart Casual ramp as well as interviews in our National Costumes.
My outfit for the Smart Casual division:

Choosing a country and national costume was easy …my choice was the United Kingdom.  Wow, what an amazing experience I had when I visited my Uncle John and Aunt Natasja in London.  All the interesting places I saw!  I even got dressed up my ballgown at Hampton Court Palace and felt like a real princess…beautiful ballgown, sparkling tiara and a real palace, a dream come true!  During our introduction we had to give reasons for our choice of outfit and the interview was based on our introductions.  I love doing introductions and interviews.

This is me, being a princess in London: 

Day 2:  15 September 2013

Happy Birthday Uncle Wynand!  We started the morning with a birthday song for Uncle Wynand and also watched some home videos and photos, remembering all the good times.  This one is for you Uncle Wynand, I know you will be here today.

Only had one ramp today, Evening Wear.  My new dress is so pretty, thank you Auntie Gerda!  I’ve learnt so much this year and now is my chance to show it and at the same time have fun doing it. 

We spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon doing rehearsals for the gala show in the evening. 

I was so excited and happy because I received the “Best Interview” and “Best Dressed” awards and I was announced as 2nd Princess, Miss Petite Queen of the World.  Wow!!!  Uncle Wynand would’ve been proud of me.

Monday 24 June 2013

Competition:     Miss Africa
Venue:                ACPP Hall, Pretoria
Date:                   22 & 23 June 2013

Day 1:  22 June 2013

We had an early start as registration was at 07h00 and orientation started promptly at 08h00.  So excited! 
We started off with the Casual Ramp.  All the contestants had to wear blue jeans with white t-shirts.  We were also allowed to wear our Pageants SA t-shirts and jackets.  It was chilly and luckily we could wear boots as well.  After the ramp we had to go for photos.  Mom already had a table and ordered some hot chocolate for me, just what I needed!

Next was Evening Wear.  I like getting my hair done, especially with the curls.  Not to mention all the glitz, glam and beautiful jewellery.  It was a bit cold wearing a short evening dress in the middle of winter but as soon as I got to the stage, I forgot all about the cold.

Interview & Costume:  For this round, we had to wear a Cultural Outfit or an outfit that represents a country.  As part of the introduction, prior to the interview, we had to include the following: - Name, Age, Hobbies, the Country that we are representing, and describe the meaning of the cultural outfit.  The interview is then based on your introduction.  Of course, I chose the United Kingdom because that is where my uncle John and aunt Natasja lives.  I’ve also been to London so that was an easy choice.  And with the ballgown on, I felt like a real princess.

During the day we also had to do rehearsals for the show on Sunday.
Day 2:  23 June
I must admit, getting up early on a Sunday morning in the middle of winter, isn’t easy.  But a girl has to do what a girl has to do!
Slipper day, yay.  This means we could wear our slippers to rehearsal.  Believe me, after an entire day with heels on, it is a real blessing.  We rehearsed most of the day and during breaks, I spent some time with mom.
We had to wear our cultural costumes for the Awards Ceremony.  I received two awards, Photogenic and best gifts.  During the 20 minute break, we had to change into our evening wear for the gala show and crowning.  I made it to fourth place.  Was so happy when my friend, Kailee was crowned Miss Petite Africa.

Monday 29 April 2013

Miss Petite South Africa 2013

Competition:     Miss Jnr South Africa
Venue:                ACPP Hall, Pretoria
Date:                   26, 27 & 28 April 2013

My biggest competition finally arrived! It was going to be hard work and long days but I’m ready.

But let me first tell you how I got here... In December 2012, Mom entered one of my photos for the preliminary round of Miss Jnr SA.  From the photo entries, the judges then selected the ones that would go on to the second round.  I was so excited and couldn't wait to hear whether I was one of them.

This is the photo that mom entered:

Mom called me into the room and showed me the e-mail that she received from Pageants SA.  I was selected and going to the next round yay!!!  It was so amazing to think that I'm one of the finalists for Miss Jnr SA.

In preparation for the finals in April, I attended the "Modelling & Pageantry Workshop" hosted by Pageants SA.  I learnt so much and I'm sure all the handy tips would be useful.

Ta-da!  Four months of preparation and here I am ...

 The daily schedule for the Miss Petite South Africa event: 


Day 1:  26 April
The day started very early and mom woke me up at 04h30 as we had to leave for Pretoria by 05h00.  My first appointment with the hair stylist was at 06h15.  There were so many girls and the sports arena was packed.  Just bags and dresses all over the dressing rooms!  Wow, much bigger than any of the other pageants I've attended.

Our first ramp was Casual Wear and all the girls had to wear jeans and the special Pageants SA t-shirt.  After our ramp, all the girls in the Petite division had to go for photos. 

I was looking forward to lunch with mom and to take a little break before going to rehearsals.

Our second ramp was Evening Wear.  Another appointment with the hairstylist to change my hair for evening wear.  Couldn’t wait to wear my new dress!  I felt like a real princess with my new dress and my beautiful Swarovski earrings and necklace (Thank you uncle John and aunt Natasja!).  After the ramp, all the contestants have to line up for the judges.  The judges will then do an inspection and that includes looking at our dresses, check the condition of our hair, if our nails are tidy and clean and look at our overall appearance.  Photos after the ramp and then some more rehearsing.  We only finished at 19h00 and I was so tired and fell asleep on the way home!

Day 2:  27 April

Another early day for us.  Bit nervous as we started off with interview rounds.  For this we had to wear a smart casual outfit.  I had to prepare an introduction and it had to include your name, age, where you from, what school you go to, sport or any other activities you do, hobbies etc.  After the introduction, I had to answer questions from the judges.   

After interviews, we had to take our gifts to the main hall for distribution.  There were so many gifts!  The judges will have a look at the gifts and will awards will be given for best chaperone gifts, best winner gifts as well as best judges gifts.

Mom had to go to the airport and couldn’t stay for the Carnival Costumes but aunt Gerda helped me to get ready for the ramp.    I liked this outfit, it was so bright and colourful.

After the photo session we had another rehearsal session till 19h30.  Couldn’t wait to get home to see mom’s friend that she picked up from the airport.  Well, did I get a surprise when I got home.  The friend that mom picked up from the airport, was actually my uncle John!!! He came all the way from the UK to watch my Jnr SA finals.  Thank you uncle John!!!

Day 3:  28 April

I was so excited because uncle John came to watch the finals!   We had rehearsals most of the day but at least it was also "Slipper Day" which meant we were allowed to do rehearsals in our slippers.  Thank goodness!  The awards ceremony would start at 15h00 and all the girls had to change into the carnival costumes.  Auntie Yanke also arrived and I was so happy to see her! 

After the awards ceremony, we quickly had to change into our evening wear for the crowning.  All the Petite contestants stood on stage and they were going to announce the Top 10.  I didn’t even realise that they called my number!  I was so overwhelmed and happy.  I was so happy that I made it to the Top 10, especially with all the talented girls in my group.

Wow, what an amazing experience.  I learnt a lot and made new friends.  Big thank you to everyone who supported me, you guys are awesome!!

Wednesday 13 March 2013

Model Cup 2012

I'm part of the Modelcup SA Team and will be taking part in the Champion of Champions competition next. Please view my video, it will help with my overall score. 

Sunday 3 March 2013

Little Miss World SA 2013

Competition:     Little Miss World SA
Venue:                 ACPP Hall, Pretoria
Date:                     2 March 2013

Me, entering the Little Miss World SA competition?  I wasn’t so sure because you have to do a talent on stage and I don’t have anything to perform.  A couple of days before the competition, I decided that I’m going to give it a try and do a monologue!  Mom and Auntie Gerda helped me and I practiced every day.
I was a bit nervous on the day but it was so much fun! I would definitely do it again. 

The second part of the competition was evening wear and I just loved the pink dress.  Made it to fourth place for Little Miss World SA.

Saturday 9 February 2013

King & Queen of the Universe 2012

Competition:  Queen and King of the Universe

Venue:             ACPP Hall, Pretoria

Date:                9 February 2013 

This was a very big competition for me.  This is a big pageant and will help me prepare for the Miss Petite SA in April 2013.  I entered this competition to learn and gain some experience.  
There are 3 divisions today:  Smart Casual Wear, Evening Wear and Movie themed Outfit.  We had to prepare an introduction for the interview division.  We had to wear a costume based on a favourite movie character.  I chose Thumbelina, I like fairies and Thumbelina always helps her friends.
It was such a long day, we arrived at 7am and only left at 8pm.  After registration, we had an orientation session so that we know what was happening.  The first session was the Smart Casual wear.  

We had a break and off again to change into our evening gowns.  The dresses were amazing!  After our ramp walk, we had an “inspection” from the judges’ panel.  This was a first for me!  The judges look at our nails, toes, shoes, dresses and even the condition of our hair. 

Lunch time … mom took me for lunch and I also played with my friend Saskia.  She was dressed as Tinkerbell.  After lunch we had to go change into our movie costumes.  We had to walk the ramp and then go for the interview rounds with the panel of judges.
After the interviews we had dress rehearsals for the gala event.  This was fun!  The awards ceremony started at 6pm and we performed for all the parents and visitors.  Then, off again to change back into our evening wear for the crowning.

I was a finalist and made 4th place.  I’m so happy and my whole family is so proud of me.  I enjoyed this competition and had loads of fun.  It is also hard work and I went to bed as soon as I got home.

Sunday 3 February 2013

SA Model Superstar 2012

Competition:  SA Model Superstar

Venue:            Lombardy Boutique Hotel, Pretoria

Date:               3 February 2013 

My first competition for the year.  It was a bit of a rush because we only decided to do the competition on Friday!

There were 3 divisions:  Body, Ramp and Beat.  My bikini was packed, my modelling shoes on and I’m ready.  We did both the Body and Ramp divisions in the same outfit.  
Last division was Beat.  This is where we “need to shake our biscuit” as Dominique (CEO, Modelcup) would say.  I had such fun and even added a new move.  

I did it!  Dominique called my name as the winner of the 8-10 yr category in all 3 divisions!  That is so exciting.  I received a gold medal as well as a beautiful sash.  But that was not all …I also made 9th place for Body Overall (all age groups) as well as 10th place for Ramp Overall (all age groups).  What a great way to end off the competition.

My titles for this competition:
  • Winner – SA Model Superstar, 8-10yr
  • 9th Place – Overall Body (all age groups)
  • 10th Place – Overall Ramp  (all age groups)