Saturday 25 August 2012

Dream Girl 2012

Competition:  Dream Girl 2012

Venue:  Town Hall, Springs

Date:               25 August 2012

I just love getting all dressed up with somewhere to go … today is Dream Girl 2012!  Time to get the Blue Ball-gown out the closet.
Mom took me to the hairdresser today to get my hair all curled up.  It was nice at the salon, they even offered us some tea and coffee.  It took so long to get my hair curled and I think I fell asleep for a few minutes.  But it looked so beautiful!

My grandma and two brothers, Brandon & Jared came with to support me.  I’m so glad they came along.  The hall was all decorated in pink and black, it looked very nice.  There were so many girls in the most beautiful ballgowns and evening dresses.
When I got up on the stage, my family cheered me on and it really motivated me to do even better tonight.  My uncle John and auntie Natasja also sent me messages to say that they wish me luck and that they are thinking about me.  Thank you everyone!

Crowning time…I’m the 2nd Princess tonight!  I’m so happy and received a crown, a sash and a goodie bag.  Wish you could see how happy and proud my family were.

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